MSc Emil Kietzman

A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin. 

• Basic and advanced PNF
• Course in Kaltenborn-EvjenthManual Therapy, modules: UEX, OEX, UWS, OWS, AEX1, AEX2, AWS1, AWS2
• REHA Medical Training Therapy
• McKenzie course in "Spinal mechanical therapy" (Module A - lumbar spine)
• Theraband course in "Resistance and balance exercises"

His professional experience covers 6 years of work in a hospital and commercial facility at the Centre for Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

The main areas of interest include orthopaedic patients after spine surgery, knee and hip arthroplasty and traffic accidents.

He also specializes in the treatment of pain in the course of musculoskeletal disorders.Currently, he also treats neurological patients after spinal cord injuries.Hobbies: playing piano, callisthenic training, investing in the stock market.

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