MSc Magdalena Wieczorek - Dziak

A graduate of the Department of Physiotherapy, the Second Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw.

  • Basic and advanced PNF
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and therapy of posture defects and scoliosis according to the FITS concept
  • FMS - Functional Movement Screen - functional assessment
  • Medical Training Therapy (MTT1, MTT2, MTT3) • CRAFTA®- Craniomandibular and Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain, basic course
  • FDM - manual therapy according to Typaldos D.O. Fascial Distortion Model
  • Thirst 4 Function- Principles of the functional assessment and movement therapy
  • Maitland method
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • G-EO System

She works with patients suffering from orthopaedic and neurological dysfunctions and children over 5 years of age.

She runs individual and group sessions for children and youth with posture defects.

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