Prof., MD, Ph. D. Rafał Baranowski
(IK Anin)
cardiologist, internist

A graduate of the first Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw

Internship abroad: Sant Pau Hospital and the Institute of Cybernetics Barcelona. He works at the Institute of Cardiology in Anin (Department of cardiac arrhythmias, head of the Laboratory of Electrocardiology).

A member of the Polish and European Cardiac Society.

Qualifications for cardiac surgery, pre- and post-operative care, continuation of cardiac treatment in an outpatient mode.

Author of over 200 scientific papers, including 90 original ones. Author of ECG textbooks.

Main areas of clinical and scientific interest: electrocardiology, cardiac arrhythmias, implantable devices - stimulators, ICD, CRT.

Cardiological consultations with particular emphasis on the treatment of patients with arrhythmias and hypertension, coronary heart disease (including after myocardial infarction), valvular heart failure, heart failure, qualification for cardiosurgical operations, pre- and post-operative care, continuation of cardiac outpatient treatment.

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