Gait therapy

Innovative robotic devices provide comfortable and safe gait therapy. Find out more about up-to-date rehabilitation.

Hand therapy

In addition to preserving functions that already exist and increasing muscles strength, patient should be provided with proper compensatory mechanisms. Modern, based on biofeedback, devices are becoming more and more popular in hand therapy.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy aims to treat orthopaedic dysfunctions and develop independence in everyday life.

Neurologopedic therapy

You can have a consultation with one of ours logopedic or neurologpedic specialists. Find out more about our offer.

Neuropsychology (cognitive rehabilitation therapy)

Diagnostic and treatment of neuropsychologic disorders will help you to improve neurocognitive functioning


It is one of physical therapy branches that uses effects of various physical stimuli, such as electricity, temperature, light, magnetic field, ultrasound or laser light.


Therapeutic massage aims to treat musculoskeletal disorders.

Modern and effective therapy methods for patients who suffered a stroke

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