About us

Constance Care is first and foremost a rehabilitation clinic, where we provide world-class services.
The clinic was established in 2015 on the border of Warsaw, Konstancin-Jeziorna and Piaseczno.
At our facility, we provide care from medical caregivers 24/7. Patients have access to specialized consultations for the treatment of injuries, neurological/cardiac conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. We rehabilitate our patients using modern treatment methods, enabling them to improve or even return to full fitness as soon as possible.
This is helped by modern technologies (HAL®, G-EO System, ExoAtlet, HandTutor, ErgoTrainer, LiteGait, Pelvictrainer), experienced physiotherapists and specialized doctors. Post-traumatic rehabilitation is provided both on an outpatient and residential basis.

We strive to support and motivate our patients. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge and, above all, experience to provide therapies aimed at increasing mobility (spinal rehabilitation) and improving the quality and comfort of patients' lives (neurological rehabilitation).

Contact us today and book an appointment for a diagnostic and therapeutic session using gait therapy equipment - HAL® active exoskeleton, ExoAtlet or G-EO System stationary robot.

Quality of service


Our team consists of experienced professionals - doctors, therapists with a master degree in rehabilitation or physiotherapy, masseurs, speech therapists specialising in neurological disorders, and a psychologist.

Comfortable therapy

Our patients are serviced in single rooms for individual therapy, massage and physical therapy.

Documenting of the therapeutic process

The course of the rehabilitation process is documented individually for each patient. Results are available on demand in electronic form or hard copy.

Comprehensive service

Our patients are offered a holistic approach, involving medical consultations, physical therapy (by physiotherapists and masseurs), speech therapy and psychological support. We strive to discover a cause of observed problems. We do not focus on symptoms, to prevent any future recurrence.

Our partners

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