Shock Wave Therapy

A non-invasive and modern solution to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Laser therapy, including ordinary and high-energy laser (HIL)

Laser therapy is an extremely effective method of physical therapy that involves stimulating the body's healing processes with laser radiation.

Light therapy (known as Solux)

This is one of the methods of physical therapy, which uses infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation (invisible electromagnetic radiation) and visible light, including solar radiation, or heliotherapy.

Pneumatic massage (lymphatic drainage/BOA)

BOA compression massage is performed in special sleeves worn on the patient's legs.

Topical kriotherapy

Topical kriotherapy has a wide range of applications. It helps with cardiovascular diseases, neurological lesions and is used as an adjunct to rehabilitation.


The effects of magnetotherapy increase blood flow, reduce pain and muscle tension, and eliminate periarticular inflammation.

Electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic field treatments are performed using special apparatuses adapted to produce electromagnetic vibrations.

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