• It is a hand rehabilitation program composed of active exercises.
  • The system is based on a safe and comfortable glove equipped with position and speed sensors, and on computer software.
  • The program uses the verified concept of feedback, allowing therapists getting access to a user-friendly and inexpensive rehabilitation suite.
  • HandTutor™ is certified by CE and FDA.
  • The system offers physical therapy and occupational rehabilitation based on individually tailored exercises aimed at improved hand function – the range of movement, combined with precision and speed of movement.
  • Feedback data are recorded and documented, therefore an up-to-date report of the patient’s progress is always available. Those data may be also presented to other therapists and experts, to achieve optimisation of the therapeutic process and the best possible outcome.
  • A clinician may select and adapt a game and its difficulty level to the patient’s individual disorders. The difficulty level may be manually selected or automatically controlled by a computer according to the recorded progress in the range of movements.



  • post-stroke rehabilitation,
  • improvement of hand dexterity after cranio-cerebral injuries,
  • hand shaking,
  • bradykinesia (i.e. in Parkinson disease),
  • increasing muscular strength (i.e. in sclerosis multiplex),
  • cerebral palsy,
  • spasticity, ataxia and athetosis,
  • developmental coordination disorders (dyspraxia, clumsy child syndrome),
  • hand rehabilitation post a tendon transfer or emergency fusion with a metal plate,
  • fracture within the wrist,
  • soft tissue injuries,
  • brachial plexus injury,
  • ulnar and radial nerve injury,
  • limited active range of movement,
  • analgesic effect.

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