Benefits of kinesiotaping:

  • correction of the fascial system,
  • strengthening the ligamentous system,
  • supporting muscle function,
  • accelerating the absorption of swelling,
  • reducing pain.

Plastering involves the application to the body, in a well-defined manner, of an elastic patch whose thickness, specific gravity and extensibility are similar to the parameters of human skin. The patch is waterproof, but permeable to air, allowing unobstructed heat exchange and skin respiration. The applied patch is a source of mechanical stimuli only. Depending on the type of patch, how and where it is applied, it affects muscles, fascia, joints, the lymphatic system and the nervous system. The applied patch stays on the body for 3 to 5 days. Kinesiotaping can be used with other forms of physiotherapy, does not restrict joint mobility and has continuous action. Muscular, fascial and ligamentous techniques are used for spinal pain.

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