Manual therapy by Kaltenborn-Evjenth

The manual therapy process consists of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.The diagnostic analysis is based on conducting a specialized manual test on the basis of which the source of pain can be precisely located. This will allow the physiotherapist to assess whether the cause of pain is a compressed nerve or a diseased joint. This is followed by the treatment process, which aims to eliminate disorders in spine and peripheral joints.

 Manual therapy is recommended for people struggling with:

  • spinal pain and peripheral joints,
  • scoliosis and discopathy,
  • migraines,
  • tingling, numbness and pain in the extremities.

 The treatment process includes various therapeutic methods, including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, massages, exercises to improve and maintain joint mobility, and muscle stretching exercises.

 Kaltenborn-Evjenth manual therapy contributes to reducing pain, improving range of motion and minimizing muscle tension.

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