Pneumatic massage (lymphatic drainage/BOA)

  • BOA compression massage is performed in special sleeves worn on the patient's legs. The sleeves gradually fill with air, resulting in waves that exert gentle but effective pressure on the body. In this way, sensitive parts of the body can be modeled, but the BOA massage apparatus also allows lymphatic, pneumatic or classical massage, depending on your needs.
  • Pneumatic massage improves blood supply to the muscles, nourishes them, has an excellent effect on the condition of the skin and improves its texture. It is especially recommended in the presence of edema, fluid retention in the body and the so-called "heavy legs".
  • Lymphatic drainage is one type of pneumatic massage. It is a compression massage - mechanical or manual - that improves the flow of lymph and fluids in the tissues. This improves metabolism and speeds up the body's cleansing process through adequate oxygenation. It has a good effect on the skin, smoothing it, and also helps fight cellulite. It allows the influx of oxygenated blood, which accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.
  • The treatment involves mechanically pushing stagnant fluids toward the lymph nodes. It brings quick relief and a perceptible lightness of the body.

  • Indications:
- edema,
- lymphatic stasis,
- retention of fluids in the body,
- stimulation of metabolic processes,
- cellulite,
- post-traumatic conditions,
- support of slimming and firming therapies.

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