Shock Wave Therapy

  •  Shockwaves are acoustic waves with a very short rise time and high maximum pressure, generated extrinsically and distributed to the tissue in the area affected by the pathological process. Thanks to the penetration of the waves deep into the body, with appropriately selected treatment parameters, this therapy is effective in treating disease processes located in both superficial and deeper tissues. The therapy has analgesic and anti-inflammatory, regenerative, restorative and immune-boosting effects, as well as relaxing effects due to the reduction of muscle tension.

  • The main indications for shock wave therapy:
-  heel spur,
- inflammation of the plantar fascia of the foot,
- Achilles tendon pain,
- jumper's knee,
- pain and inflammation in the tendon attachments,
- pain in the shoulder joints with or without calcifications,
- epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow).

  • Contraindication for shock wave treatment is:
- active cancer,
- pregnancy,
- pacemaker,
- heart attack within 3 months of its occurrence.

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