Topical kriotherapy

  • The effective properties of low-temperature treatment were reported as far back as the Middle Ages. Snow and ice were used, the effects of which were said to improve health and eliminate pain. Kriotherapy is counted among one of the oldest and still popular methods of physical therapy. It involves cooling the body by contact with a stream of cold nitrogen vapor at a temperature of -150 to -180.

  • Topical kriotherapy has a wide range of applications. It helps with cardiovascular disorders, neurological lesions and is used as an adjunct to rehabilitation. Topical kriotherapy is recommended for people struggling with injuries, bruises, severe pain or various joint and muscle diseases. It is also used for burn wounds, in the prevention of osteoporosis or progressive multiple sclerosis. Increasingly, kriotherapy is also being used to treat obesity and combat cellulite. The effectiveness of topical kriotherapy lies in its strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effects.

  • Benefits of topical kriotherapy:
- significant reduction of pain,
- inhibition of inflammatory processes,
- elimination of contractures and tensions,
- improvement of joint function,
- improved metabolism.

  • Topical kriotherapy treatment is performed using a special device that produces steam from liquid nitrogen. The physiotherapist directs the supply of freezing air directly to the treated areas, such as a sore muscle. The low temperature does not cause discomfort or pain. The duration of a single treatment is usually from tens of seconds to 30 minutes.

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