Trigger point therapy

 A trigger point is a place in a muscle with increased tension that takes the form of a protuberant nodule that can be detected by touch. When such a point is pressed, it radiates pain and causes other symptoms in different areas of the body, which may be very distant from the pressured area. The use of the therapy helps to eliminate pain, reduce muscle tension and increase the range of motion in the joints. It is also sometimes helpful in treating tension headaches.

 Trigger point therapy is a manual method of removing pain. It involves the application of well-targeted pressure and movements in different directions to sensitive areas in muscle tissue. This helps to relieve pain and remove muscle tension, as well as improve disturbed muscle patterns.

 Trigger point therapy is a kind of "pain pill." By applying appropriate pressure to the point generating the unpleasant discomfort, it is possible to remove it and thus relieve the pain. However, it should be remembered that often the appearance of trigger points is only the effect of the ailment, so it is necessary to look for the cause first and act holistically so that the pain does not return.



  • mobility restrictions,
  • overload,
  • prolonged muscle tension,
  • injuries,
  • stress,
  • post-surgical conditions.

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